Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something old, Something new

Lately I have been emptying our house out. Partly because I am planning to change the living room around, and partly because it feels nice to get rid of things. (craigslist is amazing!)

For the past few years James has saved and hunted for one of these, and he finally found one for a reasonable price. the only problem is where to put it in this little rambler of ours????? The logical choice seemed to be his office but there was no room!

Remember my $10.00 yard sale couch from this summer? Well, it ended up being someone else's $100 Craigslist couch!

And as much as I poo-pooed the idea of a rowing machine at home, I will confess that instead of being productive around the house while James and Aidan were gone this week I hauled that thing downstairs and rowed every night while I watched TV. I even have the callouses to prove it!

We have been gathering costumes for play at the thrift store, so here is our Ninja Rower, minus the scary mask.

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Arianna Belle said...

It definitely feels great to get rid of things -I've been selling a couple of things on craigslist lately myself.

Cute photo! :)