Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some friend!

Last week a friend of mine talked me into yard saling with her. Most of my friends love a good yard sale, but I have not gotten into them yet as I seem to have pretty good luck at thrift stores. But I have had no luck finding
kitchen chairs at my old standby thrift stores, so I decided to venture into the world of yard sales.

Well, I didn't find a single chair, but I did come home with this

two sets of these,

some plants and lots of fabric. (Did you know at the right yard sale sweet old ladies sell their extra perennials and will even give you a garden tour if you ask just the right questions???) And fabric - a friend of ours was having a yard sale, and her neighbor does home staging and she sells her extra items every year at the neighborhood yard sale! I bought tons of great fabric for 10 cents apiece, and this couch and throw pillows for a whopping $12.00 total. I know..... what possessed me to think we needed a new couch in James office?

We don't - however - we never use the amazing chair I found for his office at a thrift store last year, and so got to thinking..... I could recover it, paint it white, use it at the head of our kitchen table......... and thus the rearranging of our entire house began. Literally.

Poor James office is entirely changed around again. But now he can relax on his couch. Can't you just picture one of us sprawled out with the laptop while the other is on the desktop, drinking our beers? (hee hee!)

I think moving one thing is like a domino effect. (Because I also had to find a home for the infamous dresser, too, remember?)

(the kitchen in its current state of rearranging. I am repainting the table and also painting all the trim. What a project. I kind of wish I wouldn't have started it!)

We also visited a local park and let our kids play.

So that, my friends is the story of my first big day yard saling.

It is a good thing I usually work on yard sale days, or I might find myself waking up at 7:00 am to beat everyone to the good deals.


Jill said...

Garage sales are much more of an high and so much cheaper than thrift stores, I mean you can bargain with pple too! Yes I believe I've bought plants at them and have pasted up lots of fabric.... have fun! Love the couch.

downthegardenpath said...

love the couch. glad you feel like you've made progress with all the rearranging.

christa said...

you absolutely amaze me. seriously, how are there enough hours in the day for everything you do? and you always seem so relaxed!