Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Alone

So James is gone, Aidan is gone, and I am home alone. Very weird. I have had a pretty exciting night thus far. I bought some mulch, spread it out, planted a few things, watered a bit, did some dishes........ and oddly enough I find myself drinking one of James' beers. Never been a fan, don't know why, but in his absence I have been craving it- so much that Aidan and I even had a date on Tuesday at Barley John's for "Kids eat free night" and I enjoyed some pale ale.
Oh my, what is happening to me?
James finishes his class soon, and will be coming home on Sunday. Aidan is taking a little excursion with my aunt, Andrea, and is spending a few days camping and hanging out with her in Adventureland. He was so excited I had to peel him off the ceiling before we left.

Here is his cute little pile of luggage........

........he had his only little money pouch and toiletries kit, he pretty much thought he was the bomb!

I will admit I had a rather difficult time letting him go. I talked my parents to death on the way home otherwise I may have shed a tear or two. He obviously wasn't feeling the way I was. I pulled up to the drop off site off and he promptly said, "Bye mom!"

I guess he is growing up.....

I think I am going to go get another of James' beers.


bethany said...

Aw. I always wondered if it's hard to let children leave for a few days for the first time. I guess the answer is yes. :)

Such a cute little pile of luggage, though!

Valerie said...

Be glad Aidan is fine about leaving you and going off on his own adventures. Get used to it and encourage him! One of my students is withdrawing from the program and going home tomorrow morning. She is 22 years old and had never been away from her family. She basically has not stopped crying since she got here!