Monday, June 1, 2009

Timber Hall

I know it is backwards, but here are pictures from the reception hall. Timber Hall is the world's largest freestanding log cabin. Amazing, eh?
I didn't get many once the wedding started, so they are all just of the decorations and the church. But when the photographer finishes her editing, I will be sure to link you to the official photos so you can see how beautiful it all looked! (And how beautiful the bride and the bridesmaids were. They had gorgeous dresses.)

The big empty hall before we started.

Aidan's post.

Moving out tables.... this was shortly before we decided to rearrange the whole room. Thanks guys!

Hauling in all the stuff.


The start of the head table. This is before the birch logs had candles, and then the blue jars held lilacs.

The tables - they looked much prettier with the sconces and candlelight, but here is a preliminary view.

Varnished birch candle holders, in keeping with the log cabin theme. They were used throughout the wedding and reception, and now a few are in my backyard.
There were two wheelchairs at the hall and they provided hours of entertainment.

Filling the jars with lilacs. We had almost 200 jars full.

Thanks David! (All Steph's friends and family were so helpful!) I was super bossy that day.

These two may end up married. They spent alot of time together, and Aidan even tried to teach Hadassah how to pee standing up.

Little bags of birdseed. Cute idea = huge mess.

Yes, the fern is tipping. Don't worry we fixed it.

Apple blossoms for the hors d'oeuvres table.

The beautiful porch. I loved it out there!

The entryway- and the wonderful mopping crew.

Our chair covers were MIA.

Getting the cake set up.

Just waiting for a bride to come through!


"She's not sharing with me!"


downthegardenpath said...

you must have emptied every lilac bush in town!! how many guests for those rows of tables?i'm sure the pictures only begin to catch the effect of lovliness you all created. it looks wonderful.

Stephanie said...

Napht, you did such a beautiful job!!! I still can't get over how much I owe you for a wonderful job even with a broken foot! Eric and I just got back from Mexico! Give me a call sometime, let me know if I can take Aidan for a bit when James gets back so you guys can go on a hot date!!! Thanks again for everything and for the pictures!