Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Fare

I've already complained about the heat- so I will stop doing that. (Actually, as I write this, I am sweat-free as the friendly neighborhood electrician came and fixed our wiring today. So while we still don't have central air we now have two functioning AC units, so Val and Grandma, rest assured you will sleep comfortably here.)

So this post is about Aidan's summer complaints. He doesn't mind the heat, the bugs, or going to bed while it is still light out.

He wants real food.

Last night as I made yet another summer smoothy he pleaded, "Oh Mom. can't we have some real food?"

He is going to have a long summer!


downthegardenpath said...

congratulations on the electrician!!
smoothies with breyers ice cream mmmm. hope your blender holds up better than your son.

Anonymous said...

I think he needs time at Grandma J's house for junk food! Cause he sure likes it! Love Ya!