Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aidan's first little independent camping trip

While James was gone Aidan took a little trip of his own, he went to Adventureland with my aunt and her family.
We have a few digital camera's, a little one James took with him to Europe, a big one that I did not feel comfortable sending with Aidan and our very first digital camera that I have been wanting to get rid of. Good thing James didn't let me! Aidan took it camping and so now he has pictures to share with you all.
Thanks, Andrea, for taking him with you. Aidan had such a good time. He came home with lots of souvenirs, a few new words, (That's right! I did threaten him with soap if I heard them again.) and lots of good memories.
Oh - and if you care, the photos are actually in reverse order, so if you want to view them chronologically you need to start at the bottom and scroll up.)


downthegardenpath said...

too cute!! yes, thanks andrea for taking aidan along with you.

downthegardenpath said...

i see that puppy made the trip, too, all tucked away in aidan's little bunk. it's just cute.

Anonymous said...

the pictures turned out...he is a cutie he rode every ride....he did love his bunk...thats why i took a picture of his bed made....the wedding pictures of stephanies are just gorgeous the bridesmaids look too look gorgeous pretty wedding..the guest room looks great!!you need to be a home the curtain..very well done.andrea