Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

Nothing too exciting.... but just some little odds and ends
from our life the past few weeks.
The shirt Aidan and I made using a bleach pen. Super easy!

I should have taken a picture of the shirt on my little model.

The turtle who thought it would be great to dig a bunch of holes in one of our few nice patches of grass. She obviously couldn't decide where to lay her eggs because she made lots of holes all over.

A yummy cake I had to make twice. (from this book)

An Amaryllis given to be by a friend that her husband planted from a seed he took out of a plant.
He is that good. Thanks Dez!
And the best news- for me at least- is that our electrician neighbor is coming over tonight to help us solve our AC problem. We have no central air, but we do have window units. But somehow, even though they are on opposite ends of the house, they are on the same fuse. Which also is the fuse our computer and microwave are on.
Go figure.
So, in preparation for some summer company, we are finally having someone look at it. I really, really hope that next week at this time I am sitting in a cool, comfortable computer room instead of squinting at the keyboard trying to see through the sweat that is dripping down my face.
Yes, it is that hot in here.


BlogWithinABlog said...

No, its not that hot in the computer room. Naphtali just sweats through all her clothes at normal room temperature.

I on the other hand only sweat clean sweat. (good smelling clean sweat)

downthegardenpath said...

it's hard to muster up sympathy for you guys some days.....
i do hope the electrician can solve the problem for you. easily. cheaply. quickly.

Secondstreetdesigns said...

i wish i hadn't disabled comment moderation James.

Nick said...

I thought your cookbook might have been turned to a recipe for turtle soup.