Monday, October 18, 2010

Party Planning Chapter II

Okay, so when I left you I had a party idea, but that was it. I thought I would try another local chef/author, who just happened to have come back from a trip to Italy and Greece. I have her blog linked on mine, I am a huge fan of her book, and I happen to have an autographed copy. (James had met the co-author a few years ago and had it autographed for me.)

She also responded to my query almost immediately - so impressive. She actually thought she might be able to participate, so the planning began in full force.

Invites, venue, decorations - all twirling around in my head. Oh - and there was the small hurdle of getting it approved and paid for by our administrator and board.

Darlene's favorite country is Italy - she has been there multiple times - and loves the food, the land, everything about it. So for our event I envisioned a "Culinary Tour of Italy." The invite would be a passport, and we would sample all sorts of Italian delights, drink wine and give Darlene one last trip to the country she adores. I made a huge jug of limoncello and started a batch of homemade vanilla. (Party favors) One of our physicians agreed to host the party in his home, so now we just needed to find a date and get it all approved.

And that, my friends, is chapter II.

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jenica said...

Sounds like a fabulous idea! What a sweet friend and co-worker you are to do this for her. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds...