Sunday, October 31, 2010

a sneak peak

i only have a few photos as I was just a little busy last night, i will share more later.

i think the evening was a huge success. the meal, the music, the wine, the decor, it was all perfect. Darlene thought she was going to my house for a small party, so she was absolutely surprised to see everyone there.

I also have to say that while all the food was good, the meat was out of this world. (this coming from an almost vegetarian.) As a matter of fact, all i ate was meat and dessert. I will have to share some recipes later.

The chef and his wife

the cooks with Darlene

explaining the desserts

Darlene and her mom enjoying some piano music before they were serenaded

talk about service! we enlisted a few co-workers and their spouses to help serve, do dishes, help out, etc. They all worked so hard.


downthegardenpath said...

That dessert table looks sumptuous!! Darlene and her mother? and her daughter? and how many from the clinic? and they all managed to keep the secret? Wow. I'll look forward to the rest of the story. said...

It sounded like the affair of the year! Great job pulling everything together. I just put some of the rosemary salt on our toasted pumpkin seeds this week. Mmmmm!

bethany said...

Aww...this looks incredible! It looks like you pulled off the perfect party. :)

So cannot wait to read/see the photos from the rest of the part!