Thursday, October 21, 2010

you can call me "nat the caterer"

So we have BT lined up to be the chef. His name is in the invite and everyone is excited to see what he is going to cook up. But there is one minor detail he seems to have forgotten when he agreed to cook. We are cooking for 60 people.


He starts to get a little nervous and then kind of "freaks out" as Aidan would say, and thinks we need to call a caterer. And then we poll a couple of the other MD's and they all agree - parties over 10-12 people they always call a caterer.


A caterer? No, please?!

This is my persuasive speech.

"But anyone can call a caterer, we want to make a special party for Darlene. We can do it, right? I can do it, right? I have cooked for large groups many times and have done so successfully. Huge groups - groups of over 100. I have had groups of 30 -40 in my small home and cooked for them in my tiny kitchen. I can do it - you may know me as Nat the nurse, but I can be Nat the caterer. If BT will just make one main thing and be the face of the kitchen, I will be the grunt in the kitchen and do the work. Really, I can."

It worked, and at a meeting later that week I was referred to as "Nat the caterer."


What have I gotten myself into???????? I have really stuck my neck out, I hope this whole party works out, and now I am the one freaking out and BT is the one saying. "We can do it."

We can do it.


So that is why I have found the perfect apron to wear over my little black dress. Because now I am Nat the caterer.


Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

And "Nat, the torturer." I am going to be dead before we hear the end of this story.

(I deleted my own comment because of several spelling errors.)

Katie said...

You will do great, you are an amazing cook and at the beginning of the story I wondered why you weren't the "chef" for the whole thing anyway! :) Good Luck!!