Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some minor details

Those of you who know me know that I rarely do anything halfway. If I am going to plan a party it has to be perfect down to the smallest detail. All I can say is that the physician who volunteered his home had very little idea of what he was getting into when he said yes. Fortunately he and his wife are gracious hosts, have great taste and an eye for detail. Their home is also warm and inviting and they have a huge kitchen right in the middle of their main level which is perfect for the party I had in mind.

Picture warm shades of brown and golds, rich fabrics, European linens, rosemary topiaries, candles in vintage Chianti bottles, Anthropologie-style eclectic china, the smell of warm bread and garlic......... are you seeing what I see?

But before we can plan the party we need to plan the perfect invitation, right?

Last year we had used this local graphic artist to design our Christmas cards so I asked her if she would be willing to design the passport. It was a first for her (and for me!) but she did a great job.

It is hard to photograph the pages of the invites, but each one turned out perfect. For the background she used a faded map of Italy and some vintage Italian travel postcards and similar to our American passport we put inspirational and travel quotes throughout. We asked our guests to bring a favorite travel photo or album to share and then since we are mixing her family and her co-workers I included a little "game" to encourage conversation. We put a random assortment of travel questions (and some specific to Darlene that her sister gave me) in the back where you normally have your "stamps" and the guests are supposed to "fill their passport" with the most stamps by asking each other travel questions, and whoever has the most "stamps" will get an autographed cookbook. Make sense?

The invites turned out beautifully - and they will be a memento of the evening for those who choose to save theirs. Kim did a great job making my random thoughts a reality and I was proud to hand them out. They look rich and authentic, not like a cheap imitation. Kim, if you are reading this, we received many, many compliments on them!

This concludes Chapter III.


bethany said...

Ah! The suspense is killing me. I need to know what this party looked like!

I adore the passport invites...what a genius idea! And you're right, they look so luxe and personal. Love them. :)

Valerie said...

I agree with Bethany. You certainly know how to get the most our of a story. If this were a novel, I would have already flipped to the end to make sure your is not going to die before this damn party can take place.