Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenn!

A few days late - but we did find some time to celebrate this week. And Jenn -thanks for being such a faithful friend and encouragement over the years! (not that she will ever read this, I think she is decidedly anti-blog.)

We managed to round up a few girlfriends on short notice, and enjoyed a lovely evening together. Maybe it was best that we only had a few, I think sometimes you can have much better conversations that way.

I just had to post this picture so you could see the funky vintage tumblers my parents gave me for Christmas! Aren't they cool? But alas, not dishwasher safe.

I also decided to try something new for dinner. I received a pasta press for Christmas from my mom, so we had real homemade lasagna for dinner. Yum. I have to say, (quite humbly of course) I usually make good lasagna, but the noodles definitely brought it up a notch! Maybe if you come for dinner sometime I will make it for you!

I also have to tell you about something I found last week as we wandered the aisles of Walmart while we waited for our oil to be changed. Now- I don't love Walmart, but a few weeks ago I was home with a sick Aidan, and my oil and battery were in dire need of a change. Now, there aren't many places in the Cities I feel like I can go to unshowered, without make-up and still pretty-much in pajama attire. Walmart is that place. So that is where we went for our auto work, and while there I found that Martha Stewart has a whole line of scrap booking stuff, and a whole line of homemade party decor kits. They are so neat! I hate to say it, but these kits are surely worth a trip to Walmart. (But I do have to say, I was so paranoid about my messy, dirty self I was sure we were going to get in a car accident that day and I would have to go to the hospital and see people I knew, or worse yet break a leg or something and be unable to shower even longer. That would be embarrassing, but it is even more embarrassing that I even have to admit I think about things like that!)

Aren't they perfect for a girlie birthday party? I was running late that day, so I only had time to make three and hung them rather poorly from the light fixture, but you get the idea.

Super cute!


MaryBeth said...

that was a very fun evening...thanks for inviting us. And that lasagna was SOOO good...worth writing home about. You are so good to us. have a good week!

Jennifer said...

Ditto to MB! Thank you, again, Napht, for your thoughtfulness. You are too good to us, MB's right.