Saturday, January 24, 2009

This project is driving me crazy.

I have been putzing away at this wall since November when with one visit from friends half our photos ended up broken on the floor. ( I am exaggerating of course, but seriously, I have nothing better to do than pick glass splinters out of my feet.) I started covering foam-board with fabric and then pinning photos onto it, and then using some super-duper-double-sided foam tape to adhere them to the wall. Oh - by the way - even though the package said it was safe for painted wall, it isn't. So I am glad I putzed and I only made a few. So I now have even more reasons I need to cover that wall. Repainting the whole room isn't really an option right now, I finally like the color I have down there, and it took me probably 4-5 coats of various colors and techniques to arrive at this one, so it is staying.

So last week I was going to have some friends over for a birthday celebration, and I thought I would try and get my project completed before they came.

As you can see, our kitchen table became a workshop for a week or more, as I painted layer after layer over some old frames and pictures I found at the thrift store. I had this great idea to frame some fabric bulletin boards and than have a few magnetic boards as well, so we could display lots of photos and mementos.

The frames turned out great. Here are two of them. I love how they turned out.

The magnet boards also turned out just how I wanted, they were the right size and colors, EXCEPT after using an ENTIRE CAN of magnetic paint on the two boards, while they can hold magnets, if you try and hang a picture on them - no luck -they slide right off. Grrr. I was so irritated. They are painted such bright colors they need to be broken up, so rather than spend another $10.00 and one week layering on the magnetic paint, I decided to just frame some more fabric. But we (I) have been sick again at our house this week (tonsillitis, strep and pinworms.... no.....I don't have the worms.) and by the time I get home from work and put Aidan to bed, I have no energy! So the frames still sit on the stairs, waiting for their new home.

Maybe by spring.

So, whatever you do, do not waste your time with this magnetic paint. I literally put 12 coats on each board. Maybe that's why we are sick. We breathed some pretty funky fumes this week.

Thanks for letting me vent, maybe now I will be inspired to keep going!


downthegardenpath said...

it seems like you guys have taken turns being sick all winter. i hope this ends soon for you. and i really like the frames.

downthegardenpath said...

by the way - i've used thrift store metal trays as magnet boards. you can paint them or use as is if you find a funky pattern. they work great.

Leslie said...

I love this idea and man is it turning out darling. Of course your ideas are always beyond words cute. LOVE IT