Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

I am working on a project on one of my walls, so I have been stopping into a nearby thrift store every week to try and find picture frames to paint. Last weekend I found a frame, and then a few more treasures that I just have to share! So please, humor me.

It is all really Aidan's fault. He is smarter than I give him credit for sometimes. We were leaving and on his way out a Power Ranger toy caught his eye, and he insisted that we go back and look at it. He then asked me, "Why do we always come here to find things for you, but never for me. " I kind of ignored him because I had just noticed this stack of blue milk glass plates sitting on the lower shelf. Here they are on my shelf. they are so pretty! And I think they are actually large enough to use as a dinner plate, and it would help with portion control and all that good stuff.

Anyway, as I was busy loading them into my cart I spotted another treasure, a white milk glass punch bowl set! Now, last week I had a bunch of girls over and I had to polish my silver rimmed punch bowl set again and I decided then and there that it wouldn't live to see another year at my house.

So I kicked Aidan out of the cart and loaded my punchbowl inside, and then my eye caught site of that great vintage teal color on the bottom shelf. And I found 4 awesome trays. They claim on the back that they are unstainable and unchippable, and I believe it because they are all in pristine shape! And we use trays in the summer all the time for hauling food out to the deck, so perfect!

So now- I am all set for a spring party! If only spring would come.......

Oh yeah, and Aidn walked out happily holding his Power Ranger toy.


Jill said...

LOVE it all! I would love to come down and go thrift/antique shopping with you sometime- especially with someone alittle 'like minded' but you are diffantly alittle more retro than me! I might have to show you what I just found at my favorite antique store... ;)
Oh- and your little camp outs.. WAY more fancier (word?) than ours! Wow- impressive. :) We're lucky if they get a blanket, some food and pillows- BUT we do have the real fire place to roast real marshmellows in. :)

jenica said...

Good finds! The punch bowl will be great.

I just found 3 more milk glass vases/bowls to my other 2. Now I just have to figure out where to display them.
And a small wire cupboard...My hubby just rolls his eyes when I come home from a thrift store.=)

downthegardenpath said...

ooooh. and i'm glad that you both walked out of the store happy!!

Barb said...

I knew we were thrift soul sisters from long ago!
You found some great treasures. I love the punch bowl and blue milk glass. I have never seen any blue milk glass.

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