Tuesday, January 27, 2009


THE WALL is finally done! I am so glad! I think eventually I might look for one more frame to put on the right side, but this will be great for now. They are all kind of strategically smashed together to cover nail holes and old silver frame lines. And they look perfect with my beautiful collection of McCoy, which was given to me by this fabulous lady. Unfortunately the flash really makes the colors look off, so you will just have to wait until you visit to see the finished product.

I also thought of a great way to secure the vases. I love them there but I am a little paranoid they will meet their demise on the stairwell. I am going to put sticky tack under them all, and hopefully that will help keep them safer.

So now my three month long project is finally done. I thought maybe I would take a break......

........but no sooner had I hung the last frame, then James walked through the door with another big project, but that will be a story for another day.

And - don't forget to check back tomorrow for my last giveaway this month!


downthegardenpath said...

i was just wondering about that wall!! looks great. i like the mccoy in the window well.

Valerie said...

This looks wonderful. Love the colors and the layout. What a major item to check off your list!

Mimi Wortman said...

Hi Naphtali: Have you tried to use Velcro? I use it to keep my stocking holders on the mantle at Christmas time. I put one piece on the mantle and the other on the holder. It works great. Jenny Wortman's mom would love a diaper bag like mine.