Sunday, March 8, 2009

He Finally Did It!

Aidan has been waiting for this day for a long time. I have been too. All he had to do was get 5 more stickers on his "Learning to Read" chart and he could have the "Diego Dinosaur Rescue Mountain." We bought his treasure during all the post-holiday clearance's at Target, (as well as a bunch of toys for all the birthday parties he will probably attend this year! You can't beat 5 dollar gifts!) and we have been eagerly awaiting the day he could finally open it. He kept pleading, "Can't you just surprise me and give me the dinosaur Diego?" and I kept responding, "Can't you just surprise me and sit down and read for a little bit?"

Finally, last week he decided to really apply himself and he was awarded the much-coveted stickers and toy. All I gleaned from the experience is that I am not meant to homeschool. Who knew the word "the" could pose so many challenges to an almost-five-year-old and his not-so-patient mother. We wrote it out over and over, spelled it endless times, sang little songs about it and there are stacks of post-it notes in James' office that have Aidan's little "the" scrawled over and over.

So now we will see how many months and how much bribing it takes him to earn the next ten stickers. I will be sure and keep you posted!

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pass along our congratulations!!