Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy weekend

I am obviously still recovering - as I have not been able to make it to the computer to blog lately! We have had lots going on, along with putting in some extra time at work and completing sewing orders that have kept me up late at night.

Last week we went to the annual spring carnival at Aidan's school - my Subaru fit right in with all the other cars in the lot, but it looks like I might need a "Coexist" bumper sticker on the back to really fit in. It is a good thing my parents raised me to be a strong, independent individual who no longer has to cave to peer pressure! When you are raised with a name like "Naphtali" you get used to being different! (Oh- and being Naphtali earned me a free haircut last week. The hairdresser (or "daymaker" as they are called at Aveda) was too chicken to try to say my name out loud, instead quietly asking all the minorities in the lobby if they were Naphtali. I kept waiting....... and for that I was given a free haircut. It was rather amusing.

So where was I? Let's see, the school carnival. I have a few pictures from that, a few from our Johnstock activities last weekend, and a few from when James' mom and brother came for a visit. They also kindly took Aidan overnight on Saturday so James and I could go out and celebrate our 8 year anniversary and his -drumroll please- graduation from Carlson! ( I will blog more about that later!)
P.S. My pictures are in reverse order, but considering there are so many of them, they are going to stay that way!
Enjoying a cup of coffee and a treat before they dropped me off at James' graduation banquet.
Aidan and Jane, a.k.a. Kitty Grandma
We did some shopping at Pottery Barn, and found it hilarious that he saw the box and climbed right in. He obviously can't read yet.

Aidan behaved wonderfully while shopping, because we bribed him with an ice cream cone from the Grand Ole Creamery.
Aidan had his own agenda for Grandma. He really wanted to show her where we go to the Farmer's Market and also take her up to the Endless Bridge in the Guthrie. He is a regular little tour guide! (We had already been to the farmer's market that morning, but he insisited we needed to go back and show her the now empty lot and take her for a little tour.)
Aidan gets a big kick out of burying people in pillows and blankets.
Just like he did to Grandma here.
This was at Johnstock. We used to live in this neighborhood and I still love going there. James and I were always curious about the old Hollywood theater on Johnson street that was boarded up, and they opened it for touring the weekend of the Art-A-Whirl. Aidan and I took a few pictures, mostly for James benefit, but maybe you will enjoy them too.
The city of Minneapolis is trying to sell the theater - it has sat empty for years.
There are still little glimpses of its former glory, but on the whole it was rather dejected looking.

Now we are almost to the beginning of the weekend. Here is Aidan enjoying a balloon sword made by Pirate Pete.

This is at the school carnival. We played a few of the games and he went on a pony ride, but quite honestly his main interest was the playground in the back (under the high power lines!)

The fishing game.

Pony Ride= a 45 minute wait- a 5 dollar ticket - a 2 minute lap around the parking lot.... I think this is where I am supposed to write "priceless" but I am not sure that I agree.
His own cotton candy! This was the highlight of the evening!

Ah...... weekend over, sitting on the deck enjoying some snacks in his new hat!


downthegardenpath said...


downthegardenpath said...

i'm done being 'guilted' over your name. there is a generation of little grls coming along in central nebraska that have the most unpronounceable names i've ever seen. these days 'naphtali' is rather tame. (and still a most graceful sound)

congrats to james.