Thursday, May 21, 2009

CSA box week 3

We picked up our third box tonight, and as we are all heading out of town for the next few days, we had the challenge of trying to eat as much as possible tonight!

We enjoyed this pasta dish tonight, which utilized our fresh asparagus and green garlic. We also tried a gratin similar to this made with sunchokes (which I learned are really called Jerusalem artichokes) parsnips and ramps. Thanks to my new toy I can freeze some of the rhubarb that was in our box, and we will just hope the rest of the food keeps until Tuesday when Aidan and I return home on Monday.

Tomorrow morning Aidan and I drop James off at the airport where he will "take his 14 days" as Aidan calls it. James is going to Brussels and London for his last class in graduate school, and Aidan and I are heading to Iowa for a few days. (not quite as glamorous as Europe!) We will try and blog frequently so that James can stay caught up on our lives, so be prepared for some long, boring, detailed blog posts!

We will have to catch up again after the weekend! Hope you and yours have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

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