Friday, May 8, 2009

I don't agree

with people who say money can't buy happiness.

I mean look at this picture.

Every year I look forward to the Friends School plant sale, and every year I haul my cart away convinced that whoever penned that phrase must not have been a gardener.

If you live in the Cities area - you should go. And the trip is made even better if you are accompanied by a helpful little boy who kindly let me use his wagon. If you ask, and bribe him with a vanilla cone from McDonalds- he might let you use it too.

Sunday is Mother's Day, (this is a subtle hint) and as I am the mom I would just like James and Aidan to buy me some dirt and let me play with my new plants all day. (Oh- and haul in some rocks from down the street for a little border, and hang a few things in the trees for me, and finish the bead board, and get the hoses out, and..........)

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