Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Breakfast

One of my favorite things about our cabin was the kitchen. It was huge and dreamy, with a double oven, five burner gas stove, etc. I was in heaven! There is a little story about the cabin too, apparently the owner's son was building the home with his wife and instead they ended up divorcing. The whole place was amazing- Old West meets Pottery Barn and Restoration hardware. The fixtures were all beautiful, and the cupboards were stocked with what could only have been wedding crystal. The cabin itself was larger than my home. I tried to capture parts of it in the photos, but it is much better in real life.

Another favorite- Grandpa and Aidan making breakfast.

Double ovens...... someday..........

Animal pancakes! Just like my Grandma J. always made for me!

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downthegardenpath said...

this is looking better all the time!! )though you could throw me a bone by linking back to one of my posts.... )