Sunday, August 16, 2009

What have we been doing?????

Well- the summer is flying by, it seems I have hardly had time to take a breath. As I write the time is 1:00 a.m and also one of the first chances I have had to be at the computer for awhile! So I hope you enjoy my posts- because they might be costly for my family. (I am not a morning person!)

A few weeks ago my parents took us for a trip to Wyoming. We usually go to Colorado every fall, but since Aidan will be starting school this year we have had to change our ways. We stayed near Grand Encampment which is in south Central Wyoming. Not exactly the most interesting place we have ever been to, but the trip was more about the company, right?

I have pictures enough to fill weeks of blog posts, but as our lives keep moving on I will try and spare you some of the details and make our little trip to Wyoming short and sweet. Well - maybe give me two or three days, okay?

Now you can say you have seen the capitol of Wyoming.

You're welcome!

The vehicle my father kindly rented for the trip.
I could get used to that kind of comfort and space!

Indian Paintbrush


Aidan getting ready for my big birthday party! My mother and Aidan were quite the party planners. We had hats, kazoo's and balloons! Good job guys!

One of the best things about our cabin was the loft. Throwing objects between the two floors provided for hours of entertainment.

They both look absolutely thrilled, do they not?

Checking out the deer that were eating dinner behind our cabin.

Did I tell you my dad is famous?

Every night we enjoyed a fire courtesy of James.

More Later!

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