Thursday, August 6, 2009

At last!

A post.

Well - kind of.
I have many photo's from the past few weeks, and many more things to say, but just haven't been able to find the right moment.

I will tell you, however, after my recent bragging about how I was all done with school shopping I found I ordered the wrong color uniforms, so I still have had to waste precious time this week chasing around to various stores, returning, exchanging etc.

And this is a photo of Aidan's cologne collection, which he amassed during one visit to Herberger's. Apparently James and Aidan had been there earlier that day, and had been trying on various colognes. So that evening when Aidan and I wandered through the cosmetic counters the lady behind the counter recognized him and gave him this massive collection of cologne samples! Since it is no longer appropriate for me to slather him with baby lotion and wash his hair with Johnson&Johnson calming lavender, I am okay with him smelling like a guy. I guess. Ask me again in a few weeks after his first day of kindergarten and I may have a different opinion.

And lastly I made this and this for dinner tonight. Definitely recipes worth trying, although we ate the soup warm. I haven't really developed a fondness for cold soups yet.

Well, I hope these little tidbits can tide you over until the next blogpost! Thanks for stopping by!

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