Monday, August 17, 2009

Wild West #2

We had a hard time imagining this as our house. I wonder if any Indians ever were OCD - and if so, how on earth did they deal with a tee pee?

Hiking to the Indian Bathtubs. We were all so excited...............

A little stop on the way there.....................

Aidan carrying his bottle of soap- he literally plans to wash up in the Indian bathtubs.

And THIS is the Indian Bathtub. Really. All that walking, and this is what we found.

We washed up in a creek instead.

This is a happy James face. He found 4 microbrew's tucked away in a stream. Apparently their owners forgot about them. Remember the old kindergarten rhyme? Finders- Keepers - Losers- Weepers......

My Dad took this shot and said I would love it. All I see is the wrinkles. And speaking of, I found a wrinkle cream that is not making me break out. So maybe next years vacation pics will be wrinkle free.

Try to forget you saw this photo- because I assume it will be on our Christmas card as well.

Dinner at a real live hotel/saloon.

Wow............ The atmosphere was the best part.

Hot Cocoa before bed!

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Stephanie said...

Your pictures in this post are so hilarious! Aidan is such a funny kid!