Thursday, August 20, 2009


Some of you may find the following images rather disturbing.
If so - check back next week.

N0 - a little boy crafting is not disturbing.
Just wait.
This is just a picture of Aidan and I making pencil cans for our big project.
Back to disturbing...............
It all started here. Or rather here, because while riding in the car and perusing my Pottery Barn catalogue I had an epiphany. "James! We need organization! We need to be organized ASAP or we are going to miss PTA meetings, and school, and holidays and everything! We must get organized right away!"
And as you can guess he was pretty excited when I showed him what we must have to begin a new, successfully organized chapter of our life.
Also - I am not dumb. I know James is, ahem, jobless right now. I know that money doesn't grow on trees. So I knew if my organization plan was to work I would need to start scheming.
Did you know you can find alot of things around your house to sell on Craigslist and Ebay?
Not only did I find enough to finance my little reorganization project, I also found enough to finally buy another Kitchenaid. But shhhh....don't tell James because I still am hoping to win one on Pioneer Women, so I haven't purchased one yet.

Anyway. Back to the disturbing images.
We had to find space on the wall for our giant whiteboard calendar, space in the central area of our home where it will actually be helpful to us. I found the perfect space. Right where the piano was. The piano we scored for free a few years ago, that is missing some keys and can't keep it's tune. The piano that I tried HARD to unload by placing free ads all over Craigslist, Freemarket, etc. The piano I even tried to donate to a local piano charity for under-privileged children, that was valued so low I had to pay them to haul it away!
You see where I am going with this, right?

Step one.

Step Two.

I'll stop here. Before the sledgehammer comes out.

But I must say it wasn't all waste. I salvaged some beautiful boards from the piano that I plan to refinish and hang in my living room. (as soon as my current living room sells on Craigslist. I tell you- it's addicting.)

We said good-bye to the easel too. I made a %200.00 profit- and we've had it 7 years.
Not bad, eh?

I found this old beauty on Craigslist, and it is Step One of my new organization plan - a place where Aidan can keep all his games, papers, craft supplies, etc, that will be located by our calendar and his little table, where he can sit and do his homework. (Yes- they have homework in Kindergarten!) So in other words, "Aidan's office."

No more random boxes of crayons and papers strewn about the house. It's all here now. (Which will make our pre-company-with-kids-who-color-on-our-walls sweep of the house much easier.

And here are his pencil cans again.

I bet you can't guess which one is his favorite?


downthegardenpath said...

good luck with the mixer, the (ahem job hunt)and to both you and the pta.

Anonymous said...

I hope the organization scheme goes as planned, on the other hand, an organized house makes one think you have nothing else better to do and we know better than that.

Stephanie said...

So even though it's my fault for not taking your piano it made me honestly queasy to see those pictures of you destroying your tried. I'm also glad Aidan has an office.. just what he has been missing all these years!!

jess said...

If he's like Maddie - the skulls?