Saturday, August 29, 2009


The week Stacy was here was one of the hottest this summer. She and her mom (and other family members) bravely watched all ten kids and hauled them to DVBS, Como, Costco, and the lake among other places. It wasn't my favorite week of weather but I worked every day so I didn't suffer too much, except for the fact that was the week (or rather one of the many weeks this summer) my car was acting up, and I had to drive with the heat turned up full blast to keep the engine semi-cooled down.

So back to the pictures. The kids all swam and played, and even did a little water skiing. Most of the children tried, but since only one of them is mine, I only have pictures of him trying. Sorry!

Trying to catch some fish off the dock. Aren't they all so cute in their swimsuits and life jackets?

Got one!

Heading out! He is so brave!
(Although he fell the first time, so I bribed him with a McDonald's cone to try again!)

Good thing he is taking swimming lessons this summer.

Teamwork- they are fixing the fence.

Stacy and Jen relaxing at the end of a long day.

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