Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aidan's Blogpost

Aidan picked out some random pictures to share with you all and told me a little blurb to write about each one. I pretty-much refrained from editing or manipulating his words, but sometimes I just couldn't help it!

Grandpa and Charlie. But Grandpa is probably calling him Chuck and scolding him here.

I am kissing the hippo, and I am going to kiss it again tomorrow after I go to Kitty Grandma's.
Daddy kissing the hippo. This is the only hippo he ever kissed. ( My mom is typing this for me!)

Daddy just saying "Hi Aidan."

Tomatoes from our neighbor

Marley and me, at my birthday party. We ate chicken and rice.

That's my mom, she looks so cute. and beautiful. (his words, people!)

My friends coming for supper. Now my friends know Nana and Grandpa.

My daddy's car is here. We hardly see his car here.

Bottles at the Chinese market.

More bottles.

Nana is giving me a high five. I have a high five exercise movie too.

That's my Grandpa, he is Naphtali's dad. Her brother is Jacob and he has lots of tattoo's that are really cool. Grandpa is his dad too. But not his wife's.


downthegardenpath said...

good job to all involved. hope you had a good weekend.

Jakob said...

haha...Wow dad looks old in that picture!! And I am pretty cool.

Jakob said...

And tell Aidan he did a really good job on that blog and picking those pictures!!!

bethany said...

How sweet! :) Love his comments on the certainly do have the sweetest little guy!