Saturday, April 25, 2009

So I am supposed to be sewing.

My deadline is looming and yet here I sit wasting time online.

It all started when I tried to find the Williams-Sonoma pancake recipe I used this week. I wanted to post it and share it all with you, and rather than type it I thought I would just google it. Well..... instead I found myself wandering around the Williams-Sonoma website, as if I had nothing better to do. But I can't help it!

Currently, they have a few pages dedicated to Mother's Day.......(which happens to fall right around the time of our anniversary) that is just a subtle hint James. I mean, I know your broke, and the car, and the taxes,and the job, etc, but knowing this I wouldn't want you to spend any of your hard earned money in vain, so I thought I would just help you out.

And really, while I love all their bakeware and cookware, it is their special signature yellow that I can't get enough of. I imagine sometime in the near/distant future I will be trying to repaint my kitchen yellow - again - and asking the man at the paint counter if they can match my Kitchen Aid.
I hope you enjoy these pictures too!


Barb said...

You must get your love of yellow from your auntie!
I wander the Williams Sonoma store on a routine basis and love to go to the classes they have.

I have also admired the filled pancake pan!


Anonymous said...

honeybear................hi want to know where you got that pancake pan? Years ago those pancakes were called aeblekivers Surprised do you remeber me? Love ya