Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The never-ending birthday party. (and the never-ending blog post!)

That's right. That's what we do every year. First Aidan has a party at Daycare, then my folks come for a weekend of spoiling and parties, and somewhere in there we celebrate with James' family. (James' mom, Jane, a.k.a. Kitty Grandma, shares a birthday with Aidan, and I must admit in all the busyness Friday of cooking, funerals, clinics, trips to the pharmacy and company I forgot all about it.) AND-F.Y.I. Aidan has strep again!
So - Happy Birthday Jane. We will look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!

This picture is from last year. Don't they look cute!

I have lots of photos from the past week, Aidan does too, so he might have to be a guest blogger sometime this week. Otherwise I will try and spread out my bountiful supply of photos and keep you in suspense a little. (In case you missed it, that was pure sarcasm. I don't know how many people are really interested in multiple shots of the same kid, same dog, same place.)


So I posted last week that my son was requesting homemade cakes. Very sweet of him, but cakes are really not my forte. I tried, and the end results should at least receive good marks for effort.


Aidan made out very well in the present department this year. I already showed you pictures of the basketball hoop we have been enjoying, and here is a shot of him enjoying his first karate class. (Thanks Kitty Grandma)

He also took home lots and lots of presents from Vicky's house and we have moved into the era of G.I. Joe, Batman action figures, Lego's, Star Wars, etc. He's growing up!

Putting together his first ever Legos kit.

A big box of presents from "Honey-Bear Grandma."

Waiting to open more until after he eats breakfast. Look how peaceful and serene everything looks.

But - someone thought it would be really funny to fill Aidan's gift with confetti. I'll admit, it was fun and he took great pleasure in throwing them up in the air over and over again, and then he even got out his own little broom and cleaned them up.

Putting together his first 100-piece puzzle.

Grandpa Tim and Aidan built his own little garden this weekend too, and he has some garden tools, seeds and a garden book - all we need now is spring.

Phew.... that was a long post. Sorry to do that to you all. But I hope you enjoyed a little bit of our birthday weekend, and there is more to come!

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downthegardenpath said...

we had such a good time with you all. charlie slept pretty much all the way home. there will be no apology for the confetti - aidan loves it and we cleaned up after ourselves. we're supposed to hit 60 today! thanks again for giving charlie a bath.