Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I have been doing this week

Sewing.... lots of sewing. I am rather sick of sewing actually, so thankfully the end is in sight! I made 20 bags this week along with a bunch of bibs, some throw pillows and a few onesies.

I had to make a veil this week too.

Bring back any memories James?

(Sorry for the bad veil pictures. Maybe I will post some later after the wedding. )

So - if any of you are around this weekend, remember to stop in here and pick up a spring bag or two.


jess said...

Love your purses as always - i still get compliments on the two I have!

downthegardenpath said...

i've been waiting to see what you'd accomplished in the last few days. hope you have a good show.

bethany said...

How was the show? I was in the cities on Saturday for Craftstravaganza at the fair grounds, but didn't know there was another craft fair going on! I would have loved to have had another to check out! :)

Hope it went well!

Rory said...

Hi Naphtali! Are those bibs in your last picture? They are adorable. Are you selling them? I'll have to keep them in mind! You are so creative. I always love seeing your new creations!