Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Charlie. Chuck. Char.

Charlie came for the weekend too. Aidan loves Charlie, and he has been lamenting his absence all week.

My mom calls the dog Charlie. Just simply - Charlie. My Dad calls him Chuck. Usually because he is scolding him for something. And lately Aidan has started referring to him as Char, and he bossed Char around all weekend.

They also participated in the usual wrestling, fetching, and bury Charlie under all my pillow and blankets games. And Aidan tried again (in vain) to have Charlie sleep on his bed. For some reason, after about an hour Charlie becomes restless and whines to be released. I am assuming it is because Aidan is busy bossing him around and Charlie really just wants to sleep. This year Charlie, somehow, had the privilege of sleeping on the couch every night, and the last night they were here Char and Aidan shared the couch. (note, this was only allowed because 1) the dog has really short hair right now and 2) I gave him a bath when he arrived. I somehow failed to get a picture of the two boys on the couch, but I have a feeling this will become a new tradition when Char comes to visit.


christa said...

oh, napht, i think aidan needs a dog of his own!!

mb said...

yes, get that boy a dog!!!!!!

downthegardenpath said...

yes, find that boy a dog!!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

ummmm. i think Aidan already picked out his dog of choice........ besides, any future dog/child choices are on james, not me.