Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring is here!

That's right, I finally feel like it is safe to announce that spring has arrived in Minnesota. Although there is always that chance we could have one more snowstorm, but I am going to be optimistic. We have had some very nice days but I have had to restrain myself from clearing out all my flowerbeds at least for a few more weeks, in case we find ourselves scraping frost off our windshields one more time.

Aidan and I have enjoyed a few evenings hanging out in the backyard, and we have also been enjoying a new friend this year. I tried to take a picture but he is a rather elusive fellow. The past few evenings you can find us laying on the benches under the trees, staring up in to the sky and listening to our friend - the cardinal - sing.

(looking for the cardinal)

This view may not look that amazing to you, I had a hard time capturing it on film, but there is nothing I enjoy more than staring up at the treetops on a lazy afternoon.

Every day we like to walk around the house and check out all the little flowerbeds to see what flowers have popped their cheery head out overnight. My crocuses have remained uneaten thus far this year, so I actually have a photo to share. And (drumroll please!) last year I planted a magnolia bush and it has few beautiful blossoms on it already. I am so excited, I have always wanted a magnolia tree, but they are not hardy enough for this climate. I managed to find a magnolia bush last year and I was so excited to see it in bloom yesterday! I hope you enjoy it too. I am looking forward to the day when the bush is large enough to spare me enough fragrant blossoms to bring inside the house. Maybe in a few more years.


Micah said...

so fun seeing flowers blooming. you're only 5 hrs south, so maybe the green grass and flowers popping up will hit us soon! I love reading your blog, so much fun!

Jill said...

Wow, I'm so jealous! Planted 100 tulips and daphadails last fall but I love crocus! Maybe this fall. Nothing blooming yet but coming up nicely. What is the zoning on your M. bush? That's awesome! Is this the time of year they bloom? I remember seeing M. Trees in AK. was so cool. Do you have a male or female cardinal? We had a pair 2 winters ago.. I just LOVE watching them, our male was pretty shy- would sit in a tree nearby and not come to the feeder much unlike the female. I gotta get better at feeding my birds and need a nice big feeder with a roof. anyways... happy spring! Need a kitty?!

Jakob said...

That is a nice view. I like mine a bit better, but thats still nice...haha