Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter pics

Better late than never....... right? Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend at the Kahl's house where we enjoyed lots of celebrating. Jane and Aidan share a birthday so we had two cakes and two sets of presents, as well as an Easter egg hunt and even more presents.
Oh - and I have to add - in case you are wondering why there is a tiny little piece out of one of the cakes pictures, we have James to thank for that. You probably didn't notice, but you can be sure I did. Both of the cakes were too tall for any of my lidded cake carriers. (Yes folks, I own more than one, okay???) So James kindly placed them in a laundry basket for me while I was showering and then we carried them to the car. About halfway to Rochester I turned and looked at the cakes and realized that one of them had a massive dent in it. James explained he had thrown a book from the back of the wagon to the front, and it landed midway, smashing part of the cake. Then when we arrived at his parents he felt so bad about the dent he decided to try and undo the damage by eating a piece. I tried to explain that the reason I was so irritated is because the frosting protects the cake from drying out and now we would have stale cake, and I would rather have a dent than an open spot. I am not sure if he got my point or not......... so if you are reading this and you agree with me, could you kindly leave a comment so that James doesn't think I am nuts?


BlogWithinABlog said...

No need for your readers to comment on your nutziness. Is there need to state the sun rises in the east and sets in the west?

Again, as a loving husband instead of having a massive ding in the cake I decided to take a thin sliver out of the cake to make it look better. "But the cake will dry out!", someone who shall remain nameless cried out. Guess who volunteered to eat ALL the cake that was supposedly 'dried' out. Yep, again the loving husband taking one for the team. It was tough but someone had to do it...burp

bethany said...

I have to be honest...dent in the cake is a much easier fix than a missing handful of cake! I am with you on this one! :)

But good news, I didn't even see the missing chunk in this photo, and the cake looks adorable! :)

Jakob said...

hmmmm....i think he did the right thing. I would have done the same.