Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally! A Field Trip!

That's right! We finally made it on a field trip! Can you believe it! It only took all year.

I figured our chances were pretty good considering he finished his antibiotics the night before the field trip. We also were going to celebrate Aidan's birthday at school on Thursday, however on Wednesday I was just swiping my card at the gym when I received a phone call from school.
That's right, fever, headache, stomach ache, strep. So.......... no birthday party until after spring break and lots and lots of tears at our house. (He made me cry too.) But I think he will finish this bottle of Amoxicillin right before he finishes up spring break, so we should be safe! I am really glad we never bought tickets to go anywhere on break, because even as I write this he is downstairs taking an almost 4 hour nap. Anyway, this post was not to lament over his constant illness and my subsequent lack of a social life, but to talk about his field trip.

I rode the bus. I almost hurled. Yes I had to sit in front on the way home and put my head by the window. Maybe I won't be going on any more field trips.

We spent a few hours at Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America. Seriously, I could barely keep track of the four students assigned to me, I don't know how his teacher does it every day. She does a great job with them, and I am finding it is really fun to be a volunteer parent. I love this time in our life.


downthegardenpath said...

While congratulations are in order for the successful field trip - I just hate hearing that Aidan is sick again.....
I'm glad, too, that you are not only an active shool mom but a happy one!

Barb said...

Glad that Aidan made the field trip. Have you considered taking him to an ENT to see if he needs his tonsils out? Both are kids had theirs out before they were 4 due to repeated strep and ear infections.