Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pure heaven in my mailbox

Don't tell James, but when catalogs like this one
arrive in my mailbox, I want to quit my job, move to the country and grow things.

I enjoyed the CSA last year and am currently debating if I am going to go for it again.. I feel like we wasted quite a bit of food, but then we also ate very healthy, even with the waste.

I am debating pulling out one of my flowerbeds and putting a veggie garden there....... but that would require some sort of privacy fence. (Don't ask questions because I am trying to be polite. Just trust me, it would.) We had little gardens last year but I never really committed myself to them, maybe because I knew I would be picking up a massive box of veggies every Thursday. So maybe this year will be the year of the Kahl garden? Maybe if I can get all the Kahl's living in our house on board and committed to help we could actually make some progress. What do you think James, should we go for it?

So while I am trying to decide what to do I will just ogle catalogs like this one.

What about you? Growing anything this year?


Jill said...

I think you should for sure. This is our 3-4th year with a garden and it has improved soo much each season! I actually weed now and think I might have conquered my tiller. Go for it! So much cheaper too... planting your own veggies.

Just ordering my seeds this week too.. Jared wants 1/2 lb, few acres, of sweet corn AND same with wild flowers this year, will drill in with tractor. ALso gonna enlarge the pumpkin patch. Want to try spinach and maybe get a few King of the North grape vines too.

Valerie said...

What about getting a half order(?) share(?) of CSA products and start with a small vegetable patch to see how things go?

The cataloge is beautiful and inspiring.

Looking at the near future (as in Spring Break), were you able to make plans for a beach/sun escape?

little miss independence said...

do it!!!

Barb said...

Thanks for the posting out the garden catalog. I ordered one.
I am so into having a catalog in front of me to turn the pages, touch them and look at the poducts.
Do you have any other garden catalogs? So many of them are just on line.