Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Special treats.......

.........for special neighbors.

Like neighbors who fix our lamps , or neighbors who let our child follow them around their garage all day and also fish Aidan's toys out of the storm drain that happens to be right in front of our house.

I found the recipe here. Super easy, yummy treat.

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend with your mom and dad. Happy Easter! Tell Aidan happy birthday and I have put a card in the mail with a little "green" in it, maybe enough for an ice cream cone or some other treat. Oh yeah, the coffee is going great, thinking I have about 6 weeks left, will have to plan accordingly as I have been told it's my turn to go shopping for my own. The other blend were wonderful too, so I have options. According to the amount of coffee left, I might be able to stretch it out to May 15 when the art fair is going on. Tim and James can go golfing, while we girls shop, etc. Uh, on the other hand I just loold at Rachel's soccer schedule and it seems she has a tournament on the 15. Need to figure out another weekend. dang! Have a great weekend and love you all!