Sunday, March 28, 2010

Liberty for all

We have a friend who works at Target corporate and last week when we were there for dinner he was talking to us about the new Liberty of London line at Target. I was grumbling that the Targets here have pretty much sold out of the line and I was lamenting I wasn't able to pick up more items because I love them! He did reassure that they would be sending out more shipments soon, and he gave me a heads up that there will be some other awesome designers featuring their lines at Target, and I should stay tuned. He wasn't allowed to share many details, but he said to save my pennies for this fall because............. and that is all I can say on that - so save your pennies ladies, because I hear it is going to be good.

Anyway, last Sunday after yoga and before church I squeezed in a quick trip to a Target that I don't normally go to.


And it is a good thing that my time was limited or I may have really gotten carried away, because it was all so beautiful and springy.

I picked up a super cute summer dress and a lampshade. Now I am just going to have to
hit my neighbor up to fix another lamp for me.

(pictures here and here)


jess said...

Target has those patterens already in the girls section. I love htem too, but didn't know they were a the spinoff of designer clothing. I love target. IT really is life, liberty, and justice for all.

Christina said...

I bought that peacock halter tank and love it!

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to fox your lamp! Just drop it by.

On Second Street said...

Only in exchange for dinner, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Are lampshades the newest fashion in hats?