Friday, March 5, 2010

Future Nerds Of America

Well, Kind of. Is it okay to call your own child a nerd?

He isn't one yet but he is well on his way. It seems almost every Saturday James finds some sort of science fair for him and Aidan to attend, and the two of them hang out for the day and then come home and tell me about circuits and pulleys and trebuchet's........ all of my favorite subjects.

This last weekend they went to a Mad Science fair at the Edina Community Center and Aidan told me he learned that the Chinese were the first group of people to make paper. Cool, huh? I suppose I should check out Wikipedia to see if he has his facts right, but I need to get this blogpost wrapped up.

Thanks for taking great pictures this time James!


Valerie said...

Did Aidan sign his name in Chinese characters, too, in that last photo of his Dots and Toothpicks creation? Wow. Major, fabulous, incredible bilingual nerd. Be happy!

On Second Street said...

Yes- he writes and reads Chinese. It is amazing.

downthegardenpath said...

Go Aidan!! What a great opportunity for both Aidan and James and why should this be perceived as less than wonderful??

bethany said...

Aww...nerdy little boys are the BEST. I love Aidan's Chinese signature, how unique! :)