Saturday, March 6, 2010


I packed up Valentines Day decorations..... time to move on to the next season.

I am loving decorating my grey living room for the different seasons. For some reason the sun seems so much sunnier in the grey room as opposed to how it looked in the red. I was never able to take naturally lit pictures in the red room and they seem to work so well now. So please humor me as I continue to post them!

(Note Aidan's Red Chinese New Year lantern is still hanging in the corner)

Lamp from my Grandma that my neighbor fixed for me. I think for now I like it best without a shade. I know, I am weird like that.

They look pretty good in natural light too.


Anonymous said...

Uhh....I would think one would need to wind down after a weekend in Iowa, I guess Iowa put you in a wind-up mode, guess the energy just builds and you need to let it go when you get home.

secondstreetdesigns said...

okay- I confess- I did this last week, and then I just set my blogposts up so they automatically post and so all these posts I have done this week were really done in one evening at the computer.

Stephanie said...

I am soo glad you put up these pictures! I have been trying to decide if I could decorate for Easter yet, now I have my answer! I love the decorations, and I do think it's strange that you don't have a lampshade! :)