Saturday, January 9, 2010

All rolled into one.

That's right - the ultimate in lazy blogging. Not only are my pictures all grouped together, backwards and out of order, they are unedited and probably rather un-interesting. So keep reading.

I figure, the best way to start a new year is by keeping your expectations low. Last months' almost daily blog updates were just a little excessive, don't you think? Seriously- a girl just can't keep that up! So rather than making all sorts of resolutions and empty promises I am going to keep your expectations for me on the low side. And then every now and then you will have a big suprise and will appreciate my blogposts even more!

So take that, New Year.

We had a birthday and Christmas celebration for my Dad. Usually he is gypped on his birthday becuase it falls on January 2nd, so for most years a gift for him is more like an afterthought. However since we were celebrating on his birthday this year I had the brilliant idea to make him a cake -his favorite - German Chocolate. My Grandma thought I should just buy a box, but of course I insisted I had to make it from scratch.......... and I must say, it was delicious. However, the cakes all fell, then all three layers stuck to her pans and had to be put back together like a puzzle, (despite my overly generous coating of PAM) and when I broiled the top of the cake the heat shattered my Grandma's plate rendering the bottom layer was inedible because none of us wanted to end up in the ER.

I don't know why I attempt to cook at "Golf Grandma's" house, every time something goes awry. But the cake was good and if you need a recipe I found it here.

Aidan also was disturbed because he thought we needed more candles, but even at the tender age of 5 he was able to understand that 54 candles would be a fire hazard.

My Grandma had the coolest tree this year. It was the perfect Charlie Brown tree, I loved it.

Too much Christmas.


This is 4:00 in the afternoon.

My favorite kind of present.


Here we are at my aunt Leslie's celebrating with my Dad's side of the family. Uncle Larry is writing down blood pressures and taking money for our annual "Blood Pressure Game." And of course, with all the family stress, food, wine people's blood pressures are always right on target.

These three sat here the majority of the night. I have a whole post dedicated to them.

Don't really know - but as it is one of the only pictures I took of the gathering I thought I had better post it.

Alright- so I have finished another one of my obligatory Christmas posts - I have one more up my sleeve and then who knows. Maybe a Valentine's day post?????

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