Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking back

Just for fun I thought I would look back and see if I had uploaded any photos five years ago today.
I had.
Aren't they fun? I admit they brought a tear or two to my eye. What a happy little fellow.
I hope you enjoy them too.


christa said...

awwwww!! they almost made me cry too - you have an incredible little boy, napht, and you and James are doing an amazing job raising him to be a polite, considerate, well-rounded, Godly young man!!

Valerie said...

Even I will admit to getting a little emotional...what a cutie then and now. These photos remind me how important your blog is in my daily life. I know sometimes it is difficult for you to find the time to blog, but it means so much to those of us who live far away to be able to keep up with your lives. Thanks for your time, talent and energy.

OK, now I really am getting emotional and will sign off. Hey, I might even bring my own blog up-to-date later tonight.

MommaMindy said...

Since I missed all the baby pics the first time around, this was a treat. Thanks for sharing. What a good idea. What a cutie. Watching kids grow up is the most wonderful, horrible thing. I love watching them progress, but I miss each stage they have left behind.

jess said...

Cute baby Naphtali! I remember Aiden and Austin are super close.. 3 weeks? Makes me miss my Austin pooh. :)

downthegardenpath said...

Aidan is such a complete kid it's hard to remember him as a baby. The pictures are great - thanks for sharing them. I agree with Valerie that your blog is so important for us to keep up with daily changes and activities it lets us feel we have a part in your lives.