Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the Night Kitchen

Well, kind of. We were actually in Buca's kitchen, but "In the Night Kitchen" is one of Aidan's favorite books, and we have the Maurice Sendak Scholastic movie as well, which is a real treat. Honestly, what could be better than kids books set to music and sung by Carole King?????

Anyway, Buca's has a kitchen table you can reserve, and yes, you sit right in the kitchen. You can barely carry a conversation or hear yourself think, but you can watch the chef's in action. Aidan and James have been there a few times before for special lunches, but last night was my first time. I am still full today.

Here are a few pictures and next time you are in town, if you want to eat in the kitchen let us know and we can reserve a spot! (The only down side of sitting in the kitchen is that our winter coats reek of garlic!)

Spaghetti with meatballs, of course.

We made pretty fast work of the Mozzarella bread. As an avid anti-tomato activist Aidan was literally stunned that the spaghetti sauce was the same as the tomato sauce you used to dip the bread. We may be slowly converting him to enjoy food made with tomato's, which is good because I love to cook with diced tomatoes.

This is why I rarely let anyone else have the camera. I asked James to take a "nice picture of Aidan and I." Isn't this the age of digital? When you can take as many pictures as you want/need and view each one to make sure they turned out????

And this is why I usually prefer to shop sans James. I can keep Aidan in line, but those two......... Someday I am sure Aidan will have lots of fun memories of shopping with James - unlike shopping with Mom - who must be very boring in comparison. (But Aidan has noted in the past that unlike James, I am easy.)

So.... that was our Friday night. We finished up at REI and bought Aidan's coat and boots for next year. I know buying ahead is a gamble sometimes, but here's a good mom tip: REI clearances out quite cheaply, and if you find out next year that the items don't fit when you thought they would, if you are an REI member they can look the items up and will give you a full refund. So Aidan is all geared up, and I love knowing that his little feet and body will be toasty warm in good quality boots and jackets.

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