Monday, January 18, 2010


I have been chronicling the growth of my amaryllis this year. If you remember, I planted it right after Christmasand today it has three blooms on it. This is the most success I have ever had with an indoor plant, and I attribute this success to the fact that I haven't finished painting the kitchen trim, so the windows are curtainless right now and our kitchen is flooded with sunshine. I love it, especially these winter months.

So.... my dilemma is, Is there any rule that says you have to have curtains in your windows???? These windows have always been challenging for me, and I ended up just putting a panel curtain inside the window frame, which looked fine, and I think will look very pretty now that the trim is white.

In the pictures you can see, however, that we didn't paint the inner part of the window, because the carpenter thought that painting windows is something you usually end up regretting later as they stick. So as we have no plans for new windows in the next few years, I had just planned to put my old curtains back up, which would cover the brown wood.

But then I was distracted with Christmas preparations and busyness, and now I am busy sewing costumes, so I haven't finished up the kitchen yet, and in the meantime I am loving the sun. Our kitchen is on the main level but our house is a walk-out, so it feels more like the second story. All you see when you look out our windows is tree-tops.

So, I am trying to decide if I should risk it and paint the rest of the window, knowing that I will likely struggle with them in the summer months, or is that just a bad idea and I should put the curtains on and forget that we ever saw the sun. Or do any of you have any great window painting tips??? Or do any Dad's living in Nebraska want to come for a few days and just put some new ones in for us? Hee Hee.
Considering the windows have sat curtainless for the past month, I am sure one month might lead to another, and another, until soon it is summer and I need to put curtains back in the windows so we aren't so how in our treehouse. And then the dilemma will be solved, until next year.
Isn't home ownership fun? Always something to do, something to work on.......


downthegardenpath said...

I have several windows without curtains and love having them open. With yours together in the corner shades aren't even an easy option Privacy isn't an issue - leave 'em. We are planning our trip for Aidan's birthday (first weekend in April)but I don't know if you can squeeze any projects into that time hehe.

downthegardenpath said...

oooh! having suddenly been made aware of the timestamp issue I'm looking at the response I just posted and it reads 4:18 am!! In the interest of fair representation (but no less amazing in my mind)(well somewhat less amazing) it is 6:20. So would that be your comoputer or mine??

Barb said...

I did the same thing with out windows in the living room and dining room. We have a big picture window and two side windows. Since we don't have anyone in back of us, I just threw the heavy curtain away. It opened up the whole area.

MommaMindy said...

Curtains are for privacy, keeping out sun or cold, and decoration. If none of these are a pressing need, then you get to make your own rules.

I would be tempted to paint. But, if you can't, do something to emphasize the brown instead of just having it there. They make such beautiful metal scrollwork designs now. I bought some in the brownish hues for our chapel. Something like that above the window would make it look like you planned the brown. The contrast is striking, if you keep it, work with it.

My sister in law used just vine, with some fabric accents and some birds...think brown...and whatever is your style.

Can hardly wait to see what you do!

Jill said...

Ooo I like Mindy's scrolly metal idea above them. And I think they look fine without curtains. My bedroom windows are like this and I've been having a hard time deciding what to do. After pricing out some looong rods and curtain panels, I've decided they are way down on my list for home improvements! Expensive! Also- we don't have any curtains on any of our living room windows either. Looks good!

Stephanie said...

I think it looks great without curtains, I think that is becoming more the norm.. but that might just like how you and I think gray is so great! :) Love the flowers, soo beautiful. Sacrificing curtains is worth it for those.