Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'll have a .......

......Kahl Christmas without you.....................

Due to the inclement weather this holiday we didn't make our usual "relative rounds." We just hung out out the Kahls for the entire weekend, and as much as I missed seeing my families, it was nice to just be still, and not have to run all over the place to fit everyone in. This coming weekend we will head to Iowa and see the rest of my family, but here are a few pictures from last weekend.

We opened lots and lots of gifts last weekend.
Aidan's favorite presents were a Leapster and a bug habitat. Thanks, Kitty Grandma, we brought home about 6 Japanese beetles, and I am really hoping they die before they start to reproduce.
Today we have the day off, so we have been playing with the microscope, making his gingerbread house and I planted my Amaryllis.
More Christmases to come!

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downthegardenpath said...

wow!! mitch is quite the artist - can't wait to get my trellis home.