Friday, December 11, 2009

Not your average cup of joe

I am picky.

I am sure this comes as a big surprise to most of you, eh?

One of my "issues" has to do with coffee cups.

For the past few years I was perfectly content to buy lidded disposable paper cups like you use at your favorite coffee shop and I decided I would be okay using those for the rest of my life. Really. Landfills just don't keep me awake at night.

Then everyone started to become so green, and I started to feel guilty as I bought two packages of them every week at the grocery store. Maybe I imagined it, but I am sure people were giving me dirty looks. Now, I am not anti-green. I think it is a good idea to be careful with our resources, besides, in this instance being green would save me lots of money.

So I decided to start using travel mugs again.

Ugh. Ew. Pew. Stink. I really can't stand to drink coffee from them! They taste like plastic, no matter how careful I am when washing them, and pretty soon my coffee smells like last weeks chicken curry.

So I bought myself a nifty little thermos. It's super cute, you can buy one for yourself at Patina right now if you like. They are great when you want to enjoy your coffee at work, or wherever you might be going for the day. But not great for using if you like to drink your coffee in your car.

I know, I am making this problem really big.

But I can't help it, I love the routine of driving in my car listening to NPR, cradling a cup of in my hands on cold mornings. So I started using a really deep ceramic mug in my car, and it fit perfectly in my old cars' beverage holder. But not the new cars'. So again I am stuck with the dilemma - Paper or travel mugs?

Then just this week I found what might be the most perfect. product. ever. (For me at least.) It looks like a paper cup, but it is some sort of ceramic/melamine, so it doesn't burn your hands. The lid is rubber, and who knows it may smell eventually too, but I can take it off, right?
So for right now it is the perfect cup.
I hope you agree- as some of you may find one under your Christmas tree this year!


Jill said...

Think I have the same one- mines tall and looks like a starbuck cup, white and brown. Nice.... your funny. The stainless steel ones are nice too, no smell. :)

Nick said...

While I was reading this I was thinking of getting you the best Christmas present, a ceramic "paper coffee cup" with the rubber top and rubber heat shield thing that I saw at the Hy-Vee grocery store. But then I read to the end and saw that you knew about it already. Oh well

Secondstreetdesigns said...

well Nick- I can always use another! I want to throw out all our old ones. Speaking of Christmas- do we have your name or Pauls name to buy for? DO you remember?

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder about you ! I did'nt know such things bothered you !Idid'nt know u drank so much coffee! Love ya!