Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kahl Bottling Company

Thus far we have made vanilla extract and cherry liqueur, and I have plans to make a few more things, but I haven't had the time yet. (Although I probably could have finished up today instead of wasting my day trying to change the pictures on my blog header. Aidan is home sick and I thought I would make some quick updates, and he had time to watch his entire movie and now has moved on to movie #2.

I ordered my labels here this time, and I love how they turned out, although I wish the cordial labels were bigger. I didn't realize I had ordered such huge bottles this year, they are almost double the size of the ones we have used in years past. Oh well. I don't even know if people like the cordial we make, we just keep making it because it is easy and we have so many cherries. Maybe we should take a poll this year at Christmas!

Well- I suppose even if people don't care to drink it we will still make it just because it looks so pretty in the bottles.


MommaMindy said...

You are amazing! Since I am an Anne of GG fan, am wondering if you ever make raspberry cordial? :) How in the world do you make vanilla extract?

Jill said...

Looks Great~ I would love to make my own vanilla! Isn't it mostly alcohol and vanilla beans?! Think I saw it once on the Pioneer Woman's site.

On Second Street said...

We only have made cherry b/c we have two cherry trees in our backyard and thus far syrup and cordial are the only things we have found that don't require pitting all the cherries. So it is more b/c we are lazy.
Vanilla is super easy. You just soak vanilla beans in rum or vodka. That is why Mexican vanilla is so good - it is pure b/c it is alcohol. I haven't used ours yet it needs to age a little more. You should try it!

Barb said...

Why Martha would LOVE your presentation!

Both look divine!

Where do you get your bottles?

On Second Street said...

They were very helpful- he even corrected my order for me a few times.

downthegardenpath said...

i'm looking forward to my bottle of vanilla. the cordial has been a fun treat - keep it up. i like your picture of the full bottles.
how is the root beer progressing??

ali said...

rest assured, the Burkums LOVE your cordial!!!