Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is how I clean my house.

Pardon the super long video and the super bad videographer who makes you sit with your head sideways for half the movie.

When we are home there is an almost constant stream of chatter coming out of Aidan's mouth. This video is just a taste!

I also tried to bait him at one point, but he didn't fall for it.

If nothing else - the Grandma's will probably enjoy it!


downthegardenpath said...

i got a message saying the video wasn't avaiable

jenica said...

me too.

Valerie said...

I thought the lack of availability was a Mexican thing. Good to know it is not just me. Looking forward to seeing the video.

The upside to Aidan´s ear infections and strep throat is that your faithful readers are loving the influx of new posts.


christa said...

that was adorable! he can come clean my house any time!!

Eric Varghese said...

Child labor? Really? I am unimpressed..send him over anytime though.