Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks alot Christa!

So Friday night I was kicked out of the house so James could have some guys over for poker. Jen, Christa and I met for dinner, and then we did some Christmas shopping. Afterwards, Christa and I decided to catch a movie so we quickly stopped home so I could put Aidan to bed. (Besides, he had had enough of us girls for one night!!!!)

While we were killing some time Christa was checking out Aidan's room and all the photos he has on the wall. She noticed this photo and said, "Wow Napht - you were so young!" I thought she was being silly because I still look that young, right?

Well..... we got the rest of our Christmas photos today. And yeah. Not so much. I think next year I will have to find a photographer who can airbrush out the wrinkles.

For the last few weeks I have been planning to do a blogpost about the only wrinkle cream I have found that doesn't make me break out, but it is obviously not the time.

(And before you tell me I am exaggerating, let me tell you that I am not showing anyone the wrinkle photos. The photo above is one of our better ones. Trust me.)


downthegardenpath said...

the only difference i see is that you are (both) smiling in the 'younger' picture. it's easy to still think of you as 25. go ahead and tell us about the wrinkle cream....

christa said...

sorry - I didn't mean to give you a complex about it! you still look just as fabulous as you did back then. i LOVE that picture of you and james, you could so be models for something....maybe the wrinkle cream you want to tell us about!?!

Micah said...

Both pictures are just beautiful. Looking forwards to the cream posting.

bethany said...

Confession: I totally snooped over to your photographer's blog and looked at all your photos...and they're beautiful! Honestly, honestly, Naphtali, you look so gorgeous...toss that wrinkle cream in the trash, because truthfully you don't look like you need it at all! :)

P.S. Got lazy. Still working on the blog about our meeting. :)

jenica said...

I don't know why you always seem to mention your wrinkles! I don't see them.
You are beautiful and that is an awesome pic of you and James.

Thanks for your inquiry about me. =) I'm doing good right now and hope to update my blog soon. Just being ULTRA lazy. Thanks for the dinner offer (I'd love to have your cookin!), your prayers from afar and just as good. Blessings.