Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Christmas down.....

(talking to one of the Grandma's to tell her our arrival will be about a week late)

..... I don't know how many we still have! Our trip plans may all be changed thanks to the weather. We are hoping to get ahead of the storm tomorrow and head to James parent's after work but after that I have no idea what is going to happen. I only know my parents have decided not to drive this weekend so that means hopefully next week we can rendezvous in Iowa and see my Grandma's and my parents. (and becuase I am super stoked about Jane and my mom's gifts, and I can't really post about them until they both have seen them, which will be delayed now. (Although who am I kidding. I called and told my mom what I got them the day I ......... can't give out too much information here.................)

In the meantime we had our own little family Christmas. We ate at Chipotle, (Aidan's choice even though he doesn't really like it, but whatever) drove around Northeast and checked out some lights, then headed to Macy's downtown to see A Day in the Life of an Elf. So cute. They always do such a nice job.

This is Aidan getting ready to go. He is super stoked about wearing that sweatshirt, because I usually don't buy him screen printed clothes, especially not ones with superhero's. They bug me.

Can you even tell we are related????

(In case you don't know me that is pure sarcasm.)

Aidan also saw Santa Claus for the first time ever. We have never really talked about Santa before but for some reason this year it is a big deal to him. Santa told him he would bring him broccoli and lima beans and Aidan just shrugged, "Okay." Santa also told him to make lots of snow angels in the yard this week, and Aidan is already making plans about how many we should make. Could be worse.

We made our annual stop at Candyland. And then scheduled our annual dentist appointment.

We finished up by opening our little pile of gifts.

As you can see, the haul he makes at our family Christmas is nothing compared to the other gifts he will receive, but that is why we go first, right?

We also cheated, Jakob and Kate, and opened our gifts the day they came. and we have been playing with the pirate Lego's non-stop ever since. Well, playing is a liberal use of the word. Aidan takes the ship apart before bed every night and then asks James to put it back together daily. We keep explaining that unlike other toys you may leave Lego's out.

But he wants to keep picking them up. Who am I to argue with that?

I also received one of my most favorite gifts ever from Jakob and Kate. I will have to post pictures later. Jakob- I have been wearing one every day! Thanks for everything!

Now we are going to finish up the night with The Christmas Story movie and then sleep under the tree one last time. Nothing like starting a long weekend of traveling and not-sleeping-in-your-own-bed with a sore back.

So safe travel to you and yours. We are so bummed to miss out on my family this year, but the good news is we will have lots of snow for those snow angels. I hope Kitty Grandma has lots of hot chocolate!

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