Sunday, December 20, 2009

Half-completed.... but making progress!

I had this picture in yesterday's post.
It shows half completed peanut butter balls.
I found the recipe on Jill's blog last year and they are one of my new favorites. They taste like a white chocolate Reese's. Mmmmmm, super delicious and super dangerous for me to have around the house. I think James can resist them but I love peanut butter.

Here is another picture of the half finished project, and yep, you are right, the picture is showing you not one but two half finished projects. (Remember this post???) A friends' husband is a handyman and he fixed the trim for me and taped off the rest so I can finish painting. You can see in the mirror above he also applied molding around my open cupboard so now it looks like it was designed to be an open cupboard, not just one I took the doors off and painted.

Alright - I should get off the computer and back to my projects! I am also making some lavender sachets with some fragrant lavender that was mailed to me by this lovely lady. I had a grand plan that she would find some sachets in her mailbox before Christmas but the lines at the post office right now..... ugh.

Maybe for New Year's.

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