Thursday, December 9, 2010

at my house......

...............the upstairs guest bedroom gets turned into a "wrapping center" and "gift holding station" this time of year. I had purchased a few vintage buttons pins at the Nokomis Craft Fair a few weeks ago and had most of them wrapped and under the tree but I kept one in the spare room just in case I needed a quick gift.

Turns out I did - for myself. I decided it was the perfect accessory for a grey sweater I wanted to wear today, the only problem is that when I
went to open the guest bedroom door it was locked.

What? Who locked the door? What is going on? My mind immediately starts to whirl with questions and run through scenarios (which involved either secret gifts or huge messes!) Then I notice Aidan sitting on the couch with a strange wire in his hands. A wire? Suddenly a little light bulb goes on in my head as I remember him asking random vendors at the No-Coast if they have a paper clip to spare. He was concerned we might need to unlock a door somewhere and wanted to be ready. (and yes, one kind vendor donated a paper clip to his cause and he proceeded to try and open every locked door he saw for the rest of the evening. )

So back to my living room conversation.

Me -"Aidan, do you know anything about this locked door?"

Aidan (nonchalantly) "Oh yeah mom, I was practicing breaking into doors. So I locked it to see if I could get back in."

Me - "Well, could you?"

Aidan, "Nope, my trick didn't work. Sorry."

So Aidan tried, James tried, I tried and the door remains locked. What I don't understand is how my sweet friend Steph was able to break open that very same lock after googling instructions during a babysitting-incident-gone-bad a few months ago. (Don't worry, she is a great babysitter, she didn't lock my kid up in a bedroom, she accidentally locked her dog in there and frantically starting calling people for help eventually finding the answers on Google. So no offense Steph, but if you can do it under emotional duress than I would think that James, (an engineer) myself, (a pretty self-sufficient handy-women) and Aidan (a budding criminal, er, scientist) should be able to get in..........

In the meantime someone (that would be you, Steph) had a broach waiting under the Christmas tree so guess what I wore to work today. (that's the beauty of gift bags, if I hadn't told you would never have known!)


Valerie said...

When does the locksmith arrive?

Jennifer said...

Too funny! (even though it's not!) :)

downthegardenpath said...

I love it!

Stephanie said...

If only you can wait until Sunday, I will run right over and do the trick. I really should make a career of this, I have a feeling my salary would be much higher!